Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ode to an Apple

A gala affair

an apple a day

planted by Johnny

yellow to orange shade

red striping

heart shaped when sliced

tear drop seeds

crispy bites from 8 slices 

tasting of sweetness

80 calories of 5 grams of fiber

no fat, sodium, or cholesterol

cinnamon sprinkled

from salad to sauce

cider to pie

all 8 slices gone--yum


  1. Oh I do love it, Tam. "red striping, heart-shaped when sliced" Nice! I eat at least one apple a day, pink ladies are my favorite, & am convinced they keep me healthy. I also like that 'planted by Johnny".

  2. An apple is one of my staples for breakfast. I like this little poem and the way you played with the words.

  3. Now that is a slice! I feel an apple craving coming on.

  4. I love apples too! What a fun poem. I will think of you when I see those tear drop seeds.

  5. I like the mixture of the poetic with the factual. Yummy slice.