Tuesday, March 13, 2012


--I'm in that kind of mood when I want to just sit back and ramble a little. It is so unseasonably warm today and will be for the next 10 days. It's like early summer, and it's not even spring until next week. I'm afraid to uncover plants because of potential frost even though they're popping out all over. Can't really garden, can I?
--I don't how to act or dress. All my summer clothes are still tucked away, too. Tomorrow I will probably go into the large chest downstairs to make the switch from winter to summer. Maybe that will settle my mind a little.
--So, where does my mind ramble?

--My ramblings go to my rock pile in the backyard by my herb garden and bird bath. I haven't done much with the collected rocks as far as stories, realizations, or symbolic significances. However, one day it did come to me that rocks for me represent quiet, soothing times. I remember looking for rocks as a child. I was usually by myself just wandering, looking down and around. I became fascinated by all the different colors, shapes, textures, and sizes of rocks. Of course, I didn't put it into words like that. I knew, too, my brother collected rocks, and who doesn't want to do what their older brother does?
--Then I thought about what I was doing/thinking when I found a rock as an adult. I wasn't always alone but did feel at peace during those times, and I alway look for all those different aspects.
--For right now, rocks are a source of wonder, curiosity, and admiration for me. How did they get their shape/color, and how long have they been around? They take me away so to speak when I need to be. I guess they're a form of relaxation, amusement, or diversion.
--The pile grows, and my grandkids love to play with them. They have started to collect rocks now, too.
--What are they thinking when they pick up a rock?
--What are you thinking when you pick up a rock?


  1. Love your ramblings Tam. This weather is amazing. I don't feel quite ready either. This is the earliest my husband has ever hauled the snow shovels to the basement.

  2. I LOVE that your ramblings went rocks. I always enjoy reading your rambles. Thanks for letting us inside your thoughts.

  3. I spent time in a first grade room yesterday where the kids were looking at rocks. I stayed a while to look under the magnifying glass, feel the rough one and the smooth one, and look at a picture of one in a book that just seemed too good to be true. You'd have loved it!

  4. I like your rambling. I felt just like we were having a conversation. I know what you mean about the weather. We are having the same thing in Iowa. Not sure what to wear!

  5. I know this warm spell for us will end, but I've pulled some short sleeves out because it's just plain hot! I like your rambling, too Tam. I've walked all around the yard & found all kinds of green things poking up & it's just too soon! I've collected rocks & started doing it one year when we studied geology in my class, but also with my grandson. Now I just look for heart rocks, and I have one that sits in the kitchen that looks exactly like a baking potato. Fun. (I am still looking forward to your rock stories.)

    1. Hi Tam! As for my post about the bread man, yes, we have milk delivery, from a wonderful dairy, who makes the best cottage cheese in the world, plus butter, plain loaves of bread & yogurt. I have seen a Schwan's truck too but have never gotten anything from them.

  6. I used to collect rocks when I was in the fourth grade. Seems like ions ago. I always have liked them. I have a few from trips I have taken and i put them in our landscaping. I need a rock garden too! I love your descriptions. It is cool to think about where we have been and what we have done based on the rocks we have collected. Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! :)