Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hubba Bubba

A new found friend,
Hubba Bubba
Bubble Tape
Bubble Gum.
Spring time brings
Thoughts of sun and bathing suits.
Carbs and sweets tempt.
Carry around the new found friend,
And chew instead of eat.
Taste its sweetness, and
Blow a bubble or two.
Softness won't last long,
But it got you through
Another sweet craving.
It works for me.
And now I can go out and play
Because my post is done for the day!!!


  1. You are too funny! Here I thought I'd be reading about your husband. Silly me! Hope you enjoyed your playing and are thinking about tomorrow's post.

  2. I am giggling and remembering the good ol' days of sneaking Hubba Bubba at school--well, that and Bubble Yum! Glad you have a new (not so bad) vice. :)

  3. What a fun slice! :) I hope you were able to enjoy the warm weather. Thanks for sharing!

  4. As soon as I read your title I thought it would be bubble gum! I remember that gum. I mostly got Double Bubble though. Loved how you wrote this, and how the Hubba Bubba got you through another sweet craving.

  5. Great idea to get past the sweet need, but what about the chocolate? Love that you put the words of advice into a poem. We could post it on the refrigerator-a reminder! Thanks for this, Tam.

  6. My healthy guilty pleasure are the Special K Vanilla Crisp granola bars. Our grocery store stopped carrying them. So I switched stores!

    I think I might have a bubble gum craving now, though. I used to love that stuff. Don't try a whole roll of bubble tape all at once though. Bad idea. I speak from experience.

  7. Love your poem! Makes me think of my childhood. Loved b. gum. Can't chew any gum because of my jaw now. Thanks for sharing! I can't seem to post my blog yet. Haven't figured it out yet. Happy Slicing! :)