Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Any Way You Slice It

I've been thinking about the title of the monthly challenge--Slices of Life. The word "slice" means something thin, a part, portion, or share. I even like the word itself--it feels slim, easy, and smooth when you say it.
--The title of the challenge is inviting in itself--it's a challenge that doesn't demand a lot of something or something whole, just a piece of something. Then my mind went to "What do you think of when you hear the word "slice?"
These are the wonderful thoughts that come to my mind:
sliced bread. sliced meats, sliced almonds,
sliced cheese, sliced egg, sliced olives,
sliced kiwi and bananas, slice lemon and lime, slices of watermelon and apple,
sliced onion, sliced pizza, sliced beets,
slices of cake, slices of pie
--Oh, yum!!! This word conjures up all kinds of good thoughts. This word can also be a noun, a verb, an adjective, and an adverb. How flexible can a word be?
--Oh, my, does a slice get any better than this? Yes, when you write a slice, and you're proud!!!


  1. Oh, yum!!! is right. All those slices of FOOD. The only food slice I said yuck to was olives. :)

  2. I like this...I like lots of those slices, too- having them all there one after the other was kind of mouth-watering, and also, sent me down a road of memories. I like your question- How flexible can a word be?

  3. In all this year I never thought of this, Tam. How wonderful and clever an idea, to write about 'slicing'. All those ways to think about it, but I especially like that it is four parts of speech. You're so right! And thanks for making it complete with such a just-as-we-all-feel ending!

  4. Who knew slice could be so many parts of speech? I usually slice my thumb when chopping, not recommending that.

  5. I love a good slice! And this is a good slice filled with the goodness of slices! Clever.

  6. I love word play like this! Thanks for sharing it. You made my day.
    And by the way, tonight I'm thinking slice of cake. Yep, definitely cake.

  7. Slim, easy and smooth - I like how you describe the feeling of the word. I wish writing felt like that most of the time. Reading slices is delicious. When you bake a pie or write a slice you are proud of, you certainly want to share it. Thank you for your slice. It was yummy.