Saturday, March 22, 2014

Truly Celebrating Saturday

I went to a Saturday faith-based retreat with my friend Tammy and my daughter-in-law Amanda.  "It was called Balance, Busyness and Not Doing It All" with Brenda Yoder of Shipshewana, IN.   I was so excited that Amanda accepted my invitation.  This was the first time we did something together without children and other family members.  This was Amanda's day to get away from it all and maybe get some inspiration for her life that never stops.   

The retreat was really for young mothers with children who are trying to balance their busy lives between work and home.  I learned some things I wished I had known when I was a young mother.  I never thought there would be something special for me today.

Many door prizes were handed out during the day.  One book of the give away was called How to Talk So Your Husband Will Listen And Listen So Your Husband Will Talk by Rick Johnson.  I told myself that would be the book for me right now.  Retired now 4 years and my husband 3 years retired--it has been an adjustment.  My friend Tammy looked at me and then... number was read off by the speaker!!  I couldn't raise my hand or believe I had won that book.  Was this really my book now?  Was it luck, chance, or something higher than all of this?  I felt I was there for a reason, too. 

Spiritually celebrating today. 


  1. A cause for celebration, you won! Through this book you will win in many ways.

  2. Tam, thank you for visiting my blog. It sounds like we both had Saturdays worth savoring. I am glad you visited me and I will surely visit you again soon.