Monday, March 3, 2014

My Sunshine Place

I don't know if my body craves more sunlight or what.  I do take extra doses of D3 recommended by my doctor since my vitamin D levels can bottom out without the extra dosages.  This was the first winter after 3 1/2 years of retirement that I discovered my new place--my winter sunshine place.

This winter has broken records with snow and cold.  Could this be another reason I've been drawn to this place?

I never realized it before but the early morning sun makes its way into my kitchen through the patio doors very brightly in the winter.  If you sit in my husband's kitchen chair, that is where the sunshine really hits you. 

I sit there on quiet mornings with my cell phone, or a Kindle, a book, or sometimes my writers notebook.  In warmer months, I'm in the same place somewhat with the same items only outside in a wrought iron chair on our porch. 

As I look out the patio door, I can see the pines on the east side boundary of our property with snow still covering everything since January.  Animal tracks are everywhere, and you can just imagine  the greenery and flowers that will eventually fill this space. 

I clean the porch off after each snow.  It's my way of controlling the cabin fever that will overcome me if I can't see the bare porch.  This year we ran out of space to put the snow from the porch and deck steps going down to the street.  I was almost fanatical this year about keeping up with snow and ice.  I always thought, "I will win."

I guess I oversee my sunny porch as I sit in my sunshine place.

Where is your sunshine place?

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  1. Sometimes I can sit at the table in the kitchen to catch the winter sun rays, but mostly my place is on the patio when it's warmer. I need more sunshine too.