Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tea for Two or Three?

Cleaning and organizing definitely has its benefits even though we put these tasks aside constantly and would rather do other things.  Afterwards though, one feels uplifted and contemplative. 

After four years of retirement, I was able to rid myself of a whole file crate of my favorite lesson plans this winter.  Only 4 folders remain--my very favorites. 

I have taken books to the library for their book sales.  I am giving books to other teachers I know which should be used in a classroom, leaving more books at my grandkids' homes, and am asking myself the question, "Will I ever read these?"

I am also getting rid of "stuff."  Stuff I haven't used for years.  Will my kids like it or their kids?  Probably not--donate it! 

Some things one just can't get rid of--memories, winners, and legacies.

I'm a Downton Abbey fan these last two seasons.  I like tea and have gotten my husband drinking it at night with me.  I've developed a liking for Chamomile.  I even grew some this past summer in my herb garden!  I like lavender now, too, which I'm growing, also.  (Sounds like old age to me!!!!)

I've been looking at teapots.  I have a collection of fancy tea cups and saucers from my mom which I sometimes take out during Book Club.  But wouldn't it be super to have a nice teapot? 

Surprise, surprise while I'm cleaning and sorting, there in a bottom cupboard is my Auntie Mary's lovely old teapot.  It has a chipped spout and the gold paint on the handle is partly worn.  It's funny how some things just make it through the journeys of change. 

I remember this teapot.  I know my Auntie Mary liked coffee a lot, but she always had this teapot in her kitchen.  I'm not even sure right now where she kept it.  But it was there.  I suppose she drank tea.  It could possibly be a ceramic piece that my Auntie Helen, Mary's sister, painted in her ceramics era.  She loved using the gold paint. There is a scribbling on the bottom in gold.  Can't make out what it says.  So, to me, it's a teapot Auntie Helen painted and my Auntie Mary adored.  I some how have it now.  Can't remember when/how that came to be.  One night in bed or in the shower, it will come to me! 

Longer story becoming shorter now, I don't have to buy a teapot.  If I really want to use it, I will.  I am not really the tea party type.  I do love dishes of all kinds though.

I have moved the teapot to one of my bookshelves.  It will stay there for now, and I will add it to my "List of Personal Property To Be Distributed to Certain Persons:" that is to be enclosed with my will.  I have two granddaughters--mmmmmm.  Lillian Grace has always loved tea parties.  Will Evelyn Mae? 

Maybe I'll have to buy another one after all!!! 


  1. What a lovely discovery - a teapot with history. It would look great on a table while you watch Downton Abbey. But I like that it mingles with books on a shelf.

  2. I'm not sure if you want a comment or not, Tam, but since you stopped at my blog, I thought I would. Glad you found a just right teapot. Those things from relatives are very special.

  3. Lovely! I think we should have a cup of tea together soon! :)