Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Personal Challenge

I have committed to posting every day this month but not posting for comments.  I just want to write for me, my family, and people who just happen onto my blog.  Some people have commented why I haven't been writing much.  I did not know.  I did not know there were people actually waiting for a new post! 

It's March and Ruth has taught me to write every day, although I don't, but having written for 3 years on TWT I felt this is already ingrained within me.  I will write every day, Ruth!  Thanks to you.

March is a wonderful month.  It's the beginning of spring even though it doesn't look/feel like it.  New things will begin to pop up whether the weather cooperates or not.  The pussy willows will break out and so will crocus.  Someone told me their crocus along the house has already popped!  Snow will melt soon after it falls.  Life goes on and so does spring.

I first felt like I can let this challenge go, but is that really what I want to do?  I think I'm becoming a real writer of words, memories, legacies.  I must write even though I go in spurts.  I have found that I'm pretty scattered but I am finding voice and my real self.  I am in the trimester of my life, and I must be who I am.  I do love to write.  I do love to read more and more.  It's the part of me that keeps me above water, and I can fall back on if needed.

Hello, March and all its madness!


  1. I especially love the title of this post--you own this challenge. That is Ruth's gift to us, isn't it? My heart beats to the call of words waiting to be written. I am so glad yours does too. You are a REAL WRITER of words, memories, legacies. (Ruth told me it is not cheating to comment even if comments are not the driving force behind your writing.)

  2. You may not be writing for comments, but you are a friend who needs to hear from her friends. Comments are a way to chat and say, me too. I have hopes that March will bring spring, but as I look outside and hear the ice pellets falling, my hope withers.