Friday, March 14, 2014

I Remember Baba, Part I

Thanks to a friend reading my blog, I've decided to research a little more on my mother's lineage.  Thanks, Ruth M.  You have stirred the ashes again.  I may not know much about Baba's past in Lithuania, but I can remember Baba.

I was tempted in the past to pursue the genealogy of my family at the Fort Wayne Library about 30 years ago but was discouraged by my mother Lillian not wanting to know the reality of her parents' background.  Her two older sisters were half sisters by dates listed in the "book."  She didn't want to listen.  She never told me anything of my grandparents either.  Everything was always hush, hush.  I continued to grow up with that "hush" for many years to come.

The only knowledge I have is from a "Record" book my Auntie Mary kept tucked in her desk.  It was her way of noting some facts about the family background and birthdays.  I guess it was somewhat of a family tree with no complete history.  No information was shared from this book.  Pictures were passed down with no names or dates.

My mom gave the book to me in 2001.  My Auntie Mary passed away in 2003, losing much of her memory long before that, and then my mom died in 2005.  I don't know how my mom received this book.  I never asked questions of anyone or anything.  That was the way of it.  My brother Richard never claimed to know anything about Baba' past, and Auntie Mary's daughter Sharon didn't know much either.  We celebrated holidays but never celebrated family.  Family was there for sure, but the joy wasn't.  Hard life for many, I presume.  I ran away from family looking for something more and less mysterious.

Part II--Baba's Early history as in the "Record."


  1. Maybe something good, or bad, but it will always be interesting, Tam. Hope you have some success in discovering a story or two.

  2. Tam, your final line is so intriguing. I look forward to more information.

  3. I love the mystery and the potential and the peeling back of the layers that you have here. I can't wait to read the next part.