Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Any Seed

Something, oh, so small
No one shape or shade
Every way unique

Plant and nurture in time
Fresh and new to all
Origin of the whole

Growing plants or thoughts
A brand new spirit
Bloomed for all to see

Any seed will grow
Given the chance at last
To come to be.


  1. What a precious slice. "Any seed will grow given the chance to come to be." Sounds like it could be a metaphor for lots of things. This is the kind of slice I would like to tuck in my pocket and peek at--a reminder of all the seeds that could grow if I give them the chance to come to be.

  2. Hi Tam, I'm late but still reading! I love this, & am fascinated by seeds, the fact that those tiny things have all they need to produce ?-you choose. Love the lines "origin of the whole" and "a bright new spirit". Thank you for your tribute to seeds.

  3. There's lots of future tucked away in that tiny package. Incredible, isn't it? A great spring post!

  4. My favorite line is "Any seed will grow." That could apply to so many things! Love it!

  5. I love this slice. So much meaning to it... applicable to lots of things in life.

    Thanks for sharing. :)