Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nature At Its Best--Again and Again

Anyone a bird watcher? 
I never intended to be,
but I think it comes with retirement. 
One has the time in the morning and throughout the day
sometimes to actually watch and listen to what is going on in the backyard--
always a place of wonder.

Our latest find is this Pileated Woodpecker.  We have various sizes/kinds of woodpeckers all the time throughout the winter, but this is the first time we have had one this size.  It's the size of a crow and can weigh up to 12 oz.  They peck their way into dead tree bark to create nests for their eggs. 

We usually don't feed the woodpeckers after the days warm up because the suet melts all over the ground and deck, but I think we will continue feeding farther into the warmer days just to continue to enjoy this proud fellow with the bright red mohawk and an equally red streak across his cheek!! 


  1. One of my favorite birds to watch. When I walk in the park, I look for them and listen for them. Such wild and colorful birds!

  2. My backyard birds delight me, too. There is always a hummingbird or two. This is the 11th year in the "new house"and every Spring has brought back a mama bird to a front porch bird nest. The last 2 years a back porch bird nest has formed. I watched a mama feed her baby recently. The babies just kind of hang out until they fly into their new life. Fascinates me.

  3. Beautiful. We have a female who hangs off of our bird feeder and pecks into the clumps of seed at the bottom.

  4. I love watching nature when they don't know I am there. So glad you were able to grab a shot of this fella. "Bright red mohawk," a perfect description!
    I've got some of my backyard nature noticing coming up one of these days, so stay tuned.

  5. I am not retired and I love birdwatching! Although, I don't know the names for most of the birds. I tend to be enthralled with even a regular old pigeon, or a mourning dove.

    Our dogs LOVE to flush the birds we feed out of the backyard. So far, they haven't been fast enough to catch one. I am sure it helps that I call out, "Run birds!" as I open the door.

    I love the picture you included and the background information about the bird (official name and size). I also like the detail about leaving the messy suet out longer. I think that is a good move!

  6. Gorgeous, & yes, I try to watch when I can, Tam. My next-door neighbor is crazy about it, makes her own suet, etc. We now have an annual pair of kestrels raising babies between our houses. I don't have a good enough camera to catch a good pic, but it's wonderful to see them fly around. Thanks for this gift of beauty!