Monday, April 27, 2015

Late Bloomer

"Defining" is hard work.
Why did I choose this word?
It's only the end of April, and I'm tired.
I don't want to "define" anymore.

I don't want to think/analyze anymore.
I can't change anything.
I guess I'm not a changer.
Not a rebel, not brave.

I know better now about many things.
But what good is it?
I want to sleep through the nights.
I don't want to define, think, stand up.

I'm not getting anywhere, not empowered.
I'm tired of thinking.
I can't think fast enough to defend
My thoughts and actions anyway.

Everyone else seems to be on track.
Isn't that what Facebook tells you?
I think too much.
I need to quiet the outbursts.

Creeping back into myself.
I always was a late bloomer.

1 comment:

  1. Is defining your OLW? If so, you certainly were challenging yourself this year. I could not think of a word that fit me, so I remain wordless for the year, but every so often last year's word creeps into my thoughts (sweet).
    Will you be coming to Ruth's for dinner Friday after All Write? I hope so and I hope to see you again at the dinner.
    When will you start to write more? I'm waiting!