Monday, August 1, 2011

A First

Aching foot, leg, and hip--

Bring them to the fingers that heal.

Dimmed lights lead to silence.

Soft music fed the ears.

Thirty minutes went way too fast--

Please, a place to sleep nearby?

Going outside shattered the calm, but

With a relaxing giggle, this was my reply,

"Why did I wait this long for a massage?"


  1. I love it when a few words come together to paint a perfect picture. Thanks for sharing. When are you going back?

  2. I just posted about learning something new, digital scrapbooking, so it was fun to see one of your firsts. I loved the poetry with the spacing to build anticipation. I have never had a massage either, but you post makes me want to!

  3. Love it! Just made me smile...

  4. Yeah! My daughter just had a pedicure, which involved massaging the legs and feet. I've never done that. I'm think I'm having my first one when I go there for a visit!!!! It is too bad though that the world has to come crashing in so rudely as soon as it is over.

  5. Umm! I first thought you were headed for surgery, but then you caught me in that delicious moment of relaxation. Glad you finally got there! Love that 'please, a place to sleep nearby'.

  6. "Soft music fed the ears" was my favorite line. Hope it helped to soothe those aching parts.

  7. The few lines separated by the biggish spaces really gave this a great feel--not as great as the massage that inspired it though! :)
    Sounds heavenly!

  8. Nothing like a massage! You organized your lines and word choice perfectly.

  9. Bring them to the fingers that heal - awe, tension fly away. Great capturing of the moment. Love the way you spin words together into a magnificent tapestry.