Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twilight of Summer

Mornings come later.
Shadows cast early.
Cicadas play songs.
Petunias lose flair.
Veggies grow hardy.
Flowers go to seed.
Birds meet in flocks.
Grass begs for water.
Fairs bring their bounties.
Fireworks wane.
Schools replace sand toys.
Busses drone down roads.
Children opt for indoors.
Parents: "We made it!"

For fall is peeking through
And winter's portal will open,
So celebrate summer's twilight
With all its warmth and beauty still.


  1. Terrific, all those verbs! We haven't had the cicada visit yet, but it's happening here too, those faded blooms. I like all the visuals you have created for us!

  2. Wow--celebrate summer's twilight. Love it. That is my favorite line of all (I'm still repeating it in my head).
    Cicadas were out at our house this weekend, and your words made me realized that summer is moving into its twilight here. Hard to believe

  3. Your poem has taken me through the summer. I enjoyed every line.

  4. I love how as you begin, ideas are short but grow in length as summer transitions into fall.
    I agree with teacherdance --- love the verbs!

    (Cicadas are here too. Their symphony, a prelude for football and my very favorite turtleneck sweater.)


  5. Good one...but also means Yankee playoff games and birthday Choc chips are just around the corner! :)

  6. The "fall peeking through" brings a dose of sadness. I like how your last two lines brighten the poem again.

  7. Oh, my, I think I heard the cicadas here in Pennsylvania. They are SO LOUD! We don't get them in Maine...not yet anyway. But fairs will soon be bringing their bounty! I look forward to County Fairs and cool days.

  8. LOVE it! I was just thinking about the cicadas last night. You captured this time of the year so beautifully. Your line about winter also struck me. It is true. It won't be long so we better enjoy summer's twilight.

  9. I really like the last stanza -- how it seems sad but then turns happy again!

  10. This time of year is when you get knee surgeries, too! I would like to add "Summer pains end. Surgeries begin."