Monday, February 14, 2011


Hallelujah! The snow is finally melting after a month of snowing, and it's the third day of 40 degrees! The sun is shining--spring is here!!! I open the patio door and stick my head out. No, this is not spring--winds of 18 mph, making the air feel very, very, cold and damp. Ahhhh, not spring, not winter either--between! I had that feeling of "betwixt."

Being betwixt makes me feel
without a place to go,
at a loss,

This is when I started a list of all the things that I could think of that are "betwixt" to me:
-pieces of writing

When one occasion is finished, that feeling of betwixt comes upon me, and I begin to ponder. I look back on what has been good or bad, but I am more concerned with finding the next episode that will fill this loss or gap. This should be a time to slow down, rest, and look for the next adventure that will hold on to me.

We can't go back,
only forward to the next turn,
only to find that betwixt time again and again.


  1. Great word. and there is something a bit bewitching about being betwixt.

  2. Thought I would post my comment on the most betwixt day of the week! Here we are at the end of another slice of life....but before what will you write next?!

  3. I felt the bewitching--thanks for nailing that, onesunflower!

    Oh, Uncle E, you're a writer, too!

    Thanks, Lynelle!

  4. This is a neat post! I love how you weave in and out of connected thoughts.

  5. Ok, Tam. I think I found you, if this is who I think it is! You'll have to confirm that! How fun this will be!

  6. Ok Tammy, I think I found you! How fun this will be! Once I get the hang of how to post comments on these. It is fun to read your posts!

  7. Tam, you have a great use of words! This is fun! Weaving is just the word for it!