Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Third Try

In Terje's post today, justforamonth.blogspot.com/2013/02/solsc.html, she expresses her feelings about the March Slice of Life Challenge.  I have had some of the same doubts as to whether I want to do this for the third year.  I write, but not every day.  Can I come up with good ideas and expand them?  I do have list to start my journey, but will they work when I have to write?  Do I have to be an every day writer to be a writer?  Why should I try?  That's it right there--try, try again. 

As Terje pointed out, I could try for the "magic of three." 

My first year of participation was hard for me and scary, but I made every day.  The second year was more enjoyable and easier to come up with ideas because I found out the smallest bits of life are the best topics.  Still, I had hard days.  What will year number three teach me?

I like to write about my life/beliefs because I find my children/relatives/friends reading my blog, learning things about me they never knew and would never know if I didn't share them here.  That is part of my motivation/legacy.  I love words and always have.  I don't think I will ever publish a real book, but I will publish my blog for myself one day. 

I have grandchildren and have shared my love of writing with them.  I just had a discussion with 8-year-old Lucas about my Neville mouse story because he asked me how I was doing.  Wow, someone is listening!!!  I told him I was stuck and he asked me where Neville was in my story.  I told him he was making friends with the French restaurant cat Charles.  He proceeded to tell me what I could do with their friendship.  Lucas had a great idea and that sticky note now sits on the top of my story.

My sons have commented on my posts and are always waiting for the next one.  My son Ben just recently commented on my Feb. 5 post, telling me what it meant to him--priceless. 

I think I write because I know I will be heard when I have something important to share.  Can I find importance again every day in March this year?  I will try.

Good luck to all bloggers this March.


  1. In marriage they talk about the seven year itch. Is there something about the 3rd year of SOLSC that provokes this fear/hesitancy in us? I don't know. I'm just going to blaze ahead and do it. I know I have missed writing this past year, since I didn't write nearly as much as I have in the past. Maybe you and I and Terje need to be each other's support system this year!

  2. I'm glad to read that you will be participating again. Your stories will come and entertain us all.

  3. Love that your grandchildren are coaching you as a writer. Sometimes, my daughters are my best resources for topics to write about. Ideas come so easily to them! This will be my first year in this challenge and I will make time to write every day, but we will see what will come out of my fingertips!

  4. I enjoy reading what you share Tam, & am glad you're going to join again. How wonderful that you have such support in your family-that is special!

  5. I'm glad you (and Terje) are coming back for the magic of the third year. How wonderful it is that you're going to join us.

    Capturing the everyday things that happen to you will become treasures for your children and grandchildren to read.

  6. It's good to know that I am not alone with my doubts. I like your angle about collecting and sharing the important in our lives. We can also do it for the love of words. Thank you for sharing your doubts in this slice and commenting on my slice.

  7. What?!? I thought you wrote for me. (LOL) Now I find out you're doing it for you. I think that's what the line near the end is saying..."I write so when I have something important to share I will be heard."

    The writing comes before the hearing...the writing comes before the importance. At the core of it all, I think you're writing for YOU, to find the importance, to find what needs heard.

    This the very best reason for writing.

    I'm glad you're in it for another year. Your voice matters. It matters to your family and to me and to people across the ocean.

    You. Are. A. Writer.
    Accept it!

  8. I just love Ruth and her encouragement! You are a writer! I love how you craft your words. I have been learning to use more affluent words. I don't get them often, but when one comes to mind, I get excited! Your words do touch my life and I am thankful your sons are reading them.