Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Small But Not Little

The little things that count,
Warming your very being.

Small events, words, images,
Speaking loudly to your inner soul.

-grassy-green backyards
-affirmation during conflict
-four o'clocks
-aroma of dill
-wag of a tail
-words on a page/note
-just a look/touch
-support without words
-growth of a child
-warmth of a blanket
-familiar voice
-uncontrollable laughter
-grasp of a cup
-flow of water
-smell of dirt
-paper and pen

Larger than life.


  1. I love your poem. It's the little things that keep my spirit up. I wish to have more uncontrollable laughter in my life

  2. Such a lovely list, especially since it includes sunshine :-)
    So glad you are writing, getting in the habit for March?

  3. It's a beautiful list poem, Tam, nice to hear from you, too!