Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Missing Summer?

How can you miss summer when it isn't over yet? 

With the cooler days and nights, I have visions of cloudier days and staying inside more than out.  Yes, the flowers are in full bloom inspite of the drought we had here in Indiana, and the days are warm and beautiful--oh, I yearn for this all year.  I understand more than ever why people move to warmer climates.  I'm just one of those people who like the warm nights that require just tank tops on that evening boat ride and warm days that make you relish the slower pace with ice in your glass instead of outside on your car or on the road. 

The mornings start later, and the nights are earlier now.  I am already missing the longer days.

Appreciate what remains every day.


  1. Carpe diem, indeed!

  2. It was 90 degrees again today. Summer is definitely not over here. Thanks for letting us savor the days, Tam.

  3. While I'm not a fan of ice on windshields and roads, I do appreciate cooler nights. Wish we could have the longer days all the time though!

  4. I love the phrase "relish the slower pace with ice in your glass instead of outside on your car or on the road." This reminds me to get out of my classroom earlier tomorrow and soak up some of the summer rays before they are gone for good.

  5. I'm with you Tam, I love the warm nights when you can enjoy the outside with no shivering. However, I no longer love the merciless sun rays beating down on me. I do appreciate every day.

  6. One good thing about shorter, cooler days is you have more time to blog now!!!