Monday, January 23, 2012

Timely Thoughts

We all treasure our time,
But I've been thinking about how we mark time.
--Most of us, of course, turn the page every month and start over with a new calendar every year--beholding the 12 boxes of each month in front of us--mind-boggling!
--I find a new shoe box large enough for the year to store receipts, bills, bank statements, and yearly monetary information.
--I look back and look forward--what can/will I change this year?
--I think of my mom and how old I was when she was my age right now--am I doing more or less than she did?
--I look at my grandchildren and think of my own children at their age--how did I feel as a parent then and, what were they doing?
--I consider if I'm just sucking in air or contributing enough--(Thank you, Tammy S. for this measurement in regard to life!)
--I consider how many times I have done something and consider its worth--can I do something better?
--I mark the next Christmas by buying Christmas ornaments/cards on sale in January for next year.
--I prepare/eat lunch, thinking the best part of the day is gone, and it's downhill after this.
--I send birthday cards trying to figure out how old someone is and revel at their age.
--Christmas decorations come down, and red hearts fill my hooks, tables, and windows. (I personally think this is where the extra Christmas red dyes find an outlet, just like the Christmas green dyes find an outlet on St. Patrick's Day!)
--I receive information daily on Medicare since I am arriving at that young age of 65 this spring--Could this mail really be mine?!
--What will happen this year to change my life, the lives of others?
--I suppose this marking of time goes on and on every hour of every day, and we don't even think about it much. It might even add to the stress of the day. I guess it's human nature to keep track of and evaluate our time. How would living on a warm tropical island for weeks on end change our tracking and evaluation of time? For those of us who cannot enjoy the warmth of the southern hemisphere, sit down and imagine the life on a truly magnificent, warm island. I am. What thoughts would mark my time? I'm feeling warmer already!


  1. Right now, I'm tracking time by how much taller my kids are. Sam is at my waist -- my waist! Steph at my chin. And Hannah can look me square in the eyes while standing flat-footed.

    Will their hugs still be sweet when they tower over me?

  2. Americans talk a lot about time, but I rarely find anyone who is very relaxed about it. I love your ending & do think it might change one's perspective to love in such a place. Once, we were in Mexico with my students & stayed at a KOA where we met numerous retirees who were in small trailers with lots of wind chimes hanging out. They said they loved the life, so few worries, so little to take care of, just the ocean to wander by. I loved the way you wandered through the talk about time, especially here as we begin a new year.

  3. Your post on time reminds me of a statement made on Glee last week. "The future is here." That sentence made me stop and think just like your words. Where has time gone and what have I done with this time? Hmmm. . .

  4. Time is simple and so huge. I felt every line of your piece. Living it with you and on my own as my parents slow way down...

  5. Tam, I enjoyed your reflective piece. Time is sometimes elusive. It's a bit like trying to hold oil in your hands.

  6. Tam, you are taking one day at a time and reflecting how can you make the next one better! I enjoyed your post.

  7. Tam, I love this post! I'm not sure I can put my finger on exactly why, but something in it struck something in me--a sort of recognition maybe. Thank you for writing it, and I'm sorry I'm so late in commenting on it.