Sunday, December 4, 2011


Holiday cheer abounds,

Or does it?

Commercials are cheery,

Stores are waiting for you,

Channels show holiday fare, but

I just wrote a check out for the hungry,

Phoned different people who I knew needed a phone call,

And checked the news on Google!!

"Climate Change Could Shrink Chocolate Production."

I didn't want to think about a creature comfort being liquidated.

As I read on, the author thankfully stated

"Climate change brings not only bad news

But also a lot of potential opportunities."

"The winners will be those who are prepared for change and

Know how to adapt."

I call this HOPE.

Along with peace for the season,

I wish you hope.


  1. I've missed your posts, glad you jumped in today. Here's to hope for the year to come.

  2. Thank you. Best to you also. Hard to believe it's 2012. I (we?) have grandchildren to hope for too!

  3. Yooouuuuurrrrr baaaaaack! :) Sweetness!

    I'm wondering if you could, maybe, possibly, pretty please write a post about GLASS. You know? Your One Little Word this year? I've been thinking about it and wondering what GLASS has taught you this year.

    Love you,

  4. Your poem made me laugh! Did you know that Lindor makes dark chocolate truffles now. Total yum. Glad you are back. :)