Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm finally here--creating my own blog!!!!!! Thanks to Ruth Ayres, I've made the plunge after realizing this is what I like to do best--writing about fragments that later hopefully will turn into larger ideas/pieces, stories, poems, a book some day??? Fragments and clay are ever changing. I attended my first writing workshop as a Wawasee Middle School 7th grade language arts teacher eleven years ago at Indian Springs Middle School in Columbia City. I called my writers notebooks "Clay Fragments" from the very beginning. I wrote along with my students in class, adding new bits and pieces every year. I now am in my 11th writers notebook!!! I retired from teaching this last June but continue to write and am taking writing more seriously. The "serious" part of that statement holds me in its clutches, and I haven't been producing much. But with the help of my new writing group and this blog, I will be released to write what I know best--as Ruth Metcalf would say, writing about "Bits of Nothing," which hopefully, will eventually, become something!


  1. Yipee! You did it. I'm excited to read along as you write bits of nothing into something. :)

  2. Hey, Tam! You did it! It's really official - you have a blog! Not that I know what that means or what all it entails. Anyway, I am excited for you because you are excited. Keep up the good work - I am proud of you, my friend.
    Love, Alice

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog - compliments returned. I love the title of your blog and all that it implies. I got my mom blogging this year - she's a retired school teacher too - all because of Slice of Life! Now she writes something every Sunday, I help load it on her blog and our whole family is enjoying reading mom's memories and comments on life. (Her blog is at otterlanding.wordpress)