Monday, January 28, 2019

Many a Moon

It's that time of year when I visit my thesaurus to rally around my choices of words for OLW 2019.  This year my word came to me after thinking a little bit harder since it was time to do so.  "Time" just popped into my head, and I liked it right away without much thought.  It's a wide open word just like most of my choices.

I am 71 until May.  A very good time to think about time.  I finally opened the thesaurus online and came up with my title.  I found many other synonyms, of course.  The time allotments of a year struck me, of course--season, date, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, a year.  Also, past, present, future.  My word of "Bit' from last years OLW appeared, also.  I liked it but didn't get very far with writing about it.  Writing has definitely taken a back seat these days.  It's the usual--Who cares what I write!? (Side note and off subject--at 71 I'm allowed to do this since no one will judge me. I'm still reading which is good.  Love those books that you can't put down and look forward to continuing.)

I also liked the synonym "clock." I love clocks.  Digital is okay in a hurry but it's just what it is--numbers with no face. That face gives me the spatial aspect of a day--12 daylight and 12 night time. I also see mealtime reflected.  Some people may see coffee, snacks or nap time.  Changing times for a season is only really felt by literally turning that knob behind that clock or whisking the hands of the clock to a new position.  It also allows for that extra grumbling when we do this change--sets us up for the change the next morning.  My watches are jewelry with a real purpose, not just glitter.

Clocks involve math. Add and subtract just looking at the clock.  And is it 1:40 or 20 minutes to 2:00? Military time involves counting and mind boggles the average person to rely on their fingers to count! Young people find watches and clocks mysterious numbers.  How do you really know what time it is by looking at that face!!  I love it!  Elders now have special talents!

Don't forget clocks and traveling.  Time changes.  Isn't better to look at a clock's face and figure if it's night or day somewhere?  Also, remember Big Ben in England and the effaces of history that continue to celebrate the clock.  Staring at a clock on the school wall helped us escape those last few minutes and got us ready to run somewhere else!

The synonym "age" came up first on the list of synonyms!!  Mmmm.  Do you suppose that's what I'm thinking?

So what does time mean to me?

Time is flying.  When you're young, time goes so slowly waiting for the next exciting moment or thing to do.  I move slower now because I can.  So does it take twice as long to get things done?  Sometimes because for one, I enjoy slow, coffee-filled mornings reading, being on my cell/computer, staying in my robe, sitting on the porch in warm weather--the best part of any day now!

 Am I enjoying myself more, so time does goes faster?  With retirement, I do choose what I want to do when I want to do it most of the time for now.  I am thankful for being given that privilege.

How much time do I have?  No one knows, so what must be done to make it all count.  Hopefully, I have done most of my homework through my life which is caring for other people.  I have that selfish side just like everyone else.  I can only take so much and then I can explode or hide away to reclaim my wits.  What do I really need to do for the rest of the time?

I need to get rid of the muddle, the junk, the stuff no one cares about except me.  I've heard even with daughters that they don't want old, antique stuff anymore--minimalism is the name of the game.  I purged my own mother's home.  Not much is left of it--little jewelry and some still very good old pots and pans.   I've tried to do a little genealogy.  Who will go on with it?  Who will I designate my folder and pictures to carry on the family treasure hunt?

I've made some new friends the 30 years since we moved from Fort Wayne.  I want to go back there because of family.  Leaving my new friends here will be hard and leave me at a loss for laughter.  Since I can still walk, talk, and drive, my life will not end but when will all that slowly leave me, too?  I don't want to go any further than my early eighties.  It's not a death wish, but too much goes wrong after that, and one becomes a real burden.  A wheel chair is not an option for me either.  I have very good cancer insurance which I'm really getting tired of paying for.  So if cancer comes, I will do what is good for me and those who I love.  Do not cry.  It's a fact of life.  I really have lived a good life.  Life is never easy, but all I ask now is a warm bed and being painless to a degree. I have a high tolerance for pain, by the way.  Coffee, chocolate, popcorn, cheese, good bread, pasta, and salads wouldn't hurt either.

It's time for my children and grandchildren to soak up the knowledge and find the goodness of life.  If you can't find the good yet, then think about the small things of life because that's where it is for all of you because the world is crazy.  I love you all.

This is suppose to be a little post on Time. Are my posts on Time finished?

Only Time will tell.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sense of Goodness


Beat the brown and white sugar grit
with the smooth, soft butter--
"clickety, clack" go the beaters against the aluminum bowl.

Crack the eggshells,
adding each gloppy egg one at a time 
to the mix with a tiny splash of vanilla.

Add the white, powdery baking soda
softly to the bowl as the beaters,
"Whir, whir, whir."

Scoop the fluffy, dusty flour
cup by cup, leveling it with the
back of a shiny, silver butter knife.

"Hum, hum, hum" from the beater
as more and more of the quiet
white powder is added.

Time to stop the whirs and hums
and take to the nut grinder
to pulverize the pecans.

Sprinkle chocolate chips and
pecans over the soft bed of
of the biscuit-colored batter.

A tablespoon chugs through
the dough to combine
the collective ingredients.

Shh!--(licking of fingers)

Plop a teaspoonful of the mix 
onto the time worn tray and bang it
on the oven shelf at 375 degrees.

Door closes and timer set
while eyes begin to peer
through the shiny glass oven door.


Smell the warmth of baked sugar and dough,
leaving the feel of crispy cookie edges
and the taste of chocolate goodness.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bit by Bit


One Little Word for 2018

Fragment by Fragment

For the love of the thesaurus which I always have had, I want to cover the capacity of one small 3 letter word to convey the magnitude of its meaning and the many small things that can make a difference.

I'm not a person of large accomplishments but feel comfort in the world of miniscule.  I have had no life of grandiose but bits and pieces of love, joy, remorse, and comfort.  

On a small scale, I experience life.  I have been known to compare myself to a mouse--seeing much without being seen, snacking along the way, and feeling the joy/heartache of many.  I just want to plant a seed, not construct a monolith but just a sprinkling of ideas along the way.

I am just a BIT of this universe. 

It's the small things after all that really matter at some point.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Number 7

The One Little Word pursuit began early this year.  I started in December rather than after the new year arrived.

This is my 7th year choosing OLW.

I considered courage, energy, warmth, health, acceptance. In order to enable any word to work for me, I must have strength. Strength in body, mind, and soul.

"Be" has been my favorite OLW so far.  I wanted to just "be."  It was a light and airy word.  I needed a big break from "define."  This word conjured up realities and unhappiness.  I said things I maybe shouldn't have said, but these words and thoughts were always there ready to come out.  So I became myself with "be." The harshness remained but softened.  Now what?

The word "acceptance" seemed like a word that expressed "surrender."  After all the work I had done with "define," I decided this was not acceptable!  I wasn't quitting.  I must continue on from what I have learned and experienced.  Acceptance is what got me in this bind. 

I'm getting older every day.  My mind is not as quick, nor is my body.  Not moving in mind and body is a slow death before the heart stops.

When I do my exercises, I remind myself of walking better to be with my grandkids, shopping when I want, and taking care of myself.

I feel stronger just thinking about my new word. 

Happy New Year!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


It's easier than define.
It's positive and free.

Bravely be who you are.

Accept what you cannot change.
Change what you can.

Easier said than done.

Being can come with tears.
It's a reality, an acceptance.

It is what it is.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Never thought of black--
Not in a million years.

But there he was--
Glossy black, cuddly-like, smart.

The angry dog across the way growled,
"Pick me instead."

Black won us over and over.
Soon to be beloved.

"Shadow" became his name--
Chosen in childhood long ago.

Wagging tail, loving nature, and smiles 
As years go by.

Now blind, legs weak,
Soul still full of life.

Walking, boating,
Sleeping by the fire.

Love you, Shadow.
You're one of the best!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Going, Going..............

I know it's not
"Good-bye" to summer yet.
But I feel the pull--

Cicadas chirp throughout the yard.
Crickets fill the night.
Daylight lessens.

The porch sun sits differently.
Flowers go to seed.
Leaves start to fade.

Robins go north to visit.
Sunflowers reach their highest.
Grass grows paler.

I love you, Summer.
Stay with me longer this year and every year.
Love, love, love you, Summer.